General Setting
The general setting can update from here.
General Setting
Site Title: Site title will be displed everywhere as a company name.
Email: Compay Email Address.
Phone: Compy Phone Number.
Country: Select Country from Dropdown list.
Zip: Company Zip Code.
System Default Language: Admin can set default Language from here. InfixLMS is a dynamic Lociliziton System. that's why can add any language for the full website.
Date Format: Select the date format from the dropdown list.
Currency Symbol: Select Default Currency Symbol from here.
Public Instructor: InfixLMS allow to use as a private or public Instactor System. If public registration allows then Anybody can become an instructor. Otherwise, Admin can add instructors.
Drip Content: If select show all then all drip content will be shown but when select it will be shown a message. otherwise, show after unlock.
Currency Conversion: Currently Currency conversion will be allowed from FIXER. Admin can set his fixer API Key.
Student Active Device Limit: Admin can set how many devices can students log in at a time. By Default 2 devices can log in at a time.
Address, Phone number, Copyright text will be change from here.
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