Google Analytics

Set up the Analytics global site tag

Basic instructions

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    If you have not already done so, create a Google Analytics property for each website you want to collect data from. Creating a property generates a unique Tracking ID and a global site tag that includes the Tracking ID for that property. See the following section for information about finding your Tracking ID and global site tag.
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    Copy and paste the global site tag right after the opening <head> tag on each webpage you want to measure.
Find your Tracking ID and global site tag
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    Click Admin.
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    Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.
  3. 4.
    Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.
  4. 5.
    Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your Tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page.
For Add google analytics into Infix LMS go to Seting>General Setting. There you can find Google Analytics Field.
General Setting
Put Your G-ID or UA-ID (Example: G-xxxxxxxxxx) and save. Your Google Analytics Setup Complete.