InfixLMS Dashboard


At the top menu of the left sidebar is Dashboard. There are several viewports in the dashboard. we can see the number of students, instructors, and courses, etc. at a glance. Summary of the Income and Expenses is very important for the InfixLMS system. After login, a user can see the update for that day.
Dashboard (a)

1. Dashboard:

A dashboard, in website administration, is typically the index page of the control panel for a website's content management system.

2. Collapse Navbar:

Navbars are responsive meta components that serve as navigation headers for your application or site. They begin collapsed (and are toggleable) in mobile views and become horizontal as the available viewport width increases.
Find & quickly navigate menu items easily in InfixLMS.

4. Language Switcher

InfixLMS delivered to you equipped with different languages: English, Arabic (RTL), French, Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, etc. You can also add language with your own customization. and switch language with your own choice.

5. Messages

In InfixLMS User can send a private message. If have any unseen message that will be displayed here.

6. Profile

The user can see their profile, change their existing password. Logout button at the bottom of this profile section.

7. Students

The number of the registered Students in InfixLMS will be displayed here.

8. Instructors

The number of the registered Instructors in InfixLMS will be displayed here.

9. Subjects

The number of total subjects in InfixLMS will be displayed here.

10. Total Enrolled

The number of total enrolled in InfixLMS will be displayed here.

11. Total Enrolled Amount

Total Enrolled Amount in InfixLMS will be displayed here.

12. Revenue

How much revenues earn from InfixLMS will be displayed here.

13. Enrolled Today

InfixLMS gives you the report of today's total enrolled number.

14.This Month

InfixLMS gives the current month enrolled report at a glance.
Dashboard (b)

15. Monthly Income

This Graph will be represented Monthly Income Stats.

16. Payment Statistics

This graph will represent payment statistics.
Dashboard (c)

17. Recent Enrolls

Recently enrolls courses/quizzes/classes will be displayed here.

18.Overview of Courses

Overview of courses will be displayed here. we can see how many courses are published & how many courses are disabled.
Dashboard (d)

19. Daily Wise Enroll Status for the current month

Daily Wise Enroll will be displayed in a graphical format.

20. User Login Chart (By Date)

21. User Login Chart (By Time)

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