InfixLMS - Installation

Database and database user creation on Server
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Log into your cPanel.

Login into cPanel

Click the MySQL Database Wizard under the Databases heading.​

Creating Database & User

Next to New Database enter a name for your database and click Next Step.​

Next to the Username enter a username. Enter a password next to Password, enter it again for Password (Again), and then click Create User. ​

On the next page, you'll assign privileges for the user to the database. Check the box next to All Privileges and then click Next Step.

Give All Privileges

Upload the package to your host

  • Download the package from codecanyon or from Website

  • Unzip the package and you'll find the following contents

    • Documentation

    • InfixLMS

Upload file "" to your host inside the desired location using cPanel File Manager​

After the upload is completed, Right-click on the package and select Extract. That will extract the zipped file contents. ​

Configure InfixLMS with Database credentials

Use the file manager to edit the file in the path .env

Add Database configuration in the file as described in the below image

Adjust the folder''s Permissions

  • Change the permissions of the uploads folder and all its contents (Files & Folders ) to 777

  • Change the permissions of the storage folder and all its contents (Files & Folders ) to 777

Start the installation

  • Use your browser to Infix install Script. Type in browser your application location followed by /install. and hit Start Installation

Welcome page

Checking your environment for InfixLMS App. If all the requirements look's Fine. Go to the next step.

Enviroment Checking

Type your Purchase Code & Envato Account Email for going next step

Verify license

Give Database name, Database user name & Database password. And go next step.

Check Database

Here some basic info for the admin setup. You can change it after installation.

Installation completed. You can go to the homepage. ​

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